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Claudia Leandra König
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Healing Circle

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What is a Healing Circle
Healing  circles are group healing events. Energetic healing circuits multiply  the energies and are therefore special because of the group energy. My  healing circles are heartwarming energetic healing circles without any  aids. Come and take a bath in the healing energy, let yourself be  charmed and trust that all these happens what your soul allows. Please  also read the detailed descriptions on the pages

•General explanations
•Meditation with channeled energies and possibly messages
•Wordless energy transfer

2 hours for € 30. We sit on chairs.
Event Location: Bahnhof (Trainstation) at 94209 Regen, Bavarian Forest,

This  work is incredibly beautiful, but very exhausting for Claudia Leandra.  She thanks you therefore for your understanding, that she cannot lead discussions or the like after the healing circle.

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