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Claudia Leandra König
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Claudia Leandra König

was born in 1968 in Bavaria/Southern Germany. Her parents allowed her to express herself without constricting her freedom. However, her road of life was anything but easy, for she had to climb one mountain after the other, so to speak. As a consequence she has made a great variety of rocky experiences in all areas of life. Yet, she was kind of accompanied and protected by a mystical force that consisted of confidence and hope, otherwise she would not have been able to follow this path. Being ever so eager to learn she moved to Munich at an early stage of her life and usually put all her money into her training. In the beginning she focused on a conservative and socially accepted training which also satisfied her need for security. Furthermore this gave her the feeling of belonging, for since childhood she has had the feeling of being different, not because of her many talents but because of her intense spiritual sensitivity.

Only when she had finished her first career and left the last office, something fundamental and directive had changed within her and she had come home. Spirituality is her home and she has kept her urge for truth and justice. She therefore likes to say: Truth does not know compromises and by allowing the love within us we gain justice. After 3 decades in Munich and abroad she returned in 2016 back to the Bavarian Forest.
Her past professional Life

Claudia  Leandra was formed as a person of trust and as a mentor by almost 2 decades of occupation in tax consultant offices and auditing firms in all of  Germany. At the same time she trained and qualified as a certified  accounting specialist and completed her studies in business science.  During her office occupation, which she finished in 2004, she began an  extensive training in communication. Even then she realized that  knowledge alone is not enough to be understood. Her main concern was  always: You have to talk to people.
Emotional and social Competence

Claudia Leandra's personality is featured by many years of a variety of voluntary work, which she has practically performed since childhood. For the most part she worked as a leader for youths, an appointment which she already took over at a particularly young age. A longterm stay in Southeast Asia followed by working for an NGO refined her competence. Her character is featured by her acting calmly, determinedly and prudently from the heart. She says: You must have a heart, everything else can be learned.
Spiritual Development

Claudia Leandra has been clairvoyant since early childhood and she is able to look into former lives. Back then, however, she took turns in being shocked and scared, until she accepted after a long emotional roller coaster, that this is a part of herself. The spiritual entities on the other hand, first and foremost Jesus Christ, almost immediately won a place in her heart. In 1984 she began meditating seriously. She started systematic energy work in 1992 and the beginning of her psychic healing practice was in 2001.
The Road to being a Healer

The road to being a healer was a hard slog for Claudia Leandra. Formed as a child by her grandmother, who was incurably ill, she was already interested in health at that time. She loved to collect forest fruits and herbs in the woods with her family. She only turned intensively to the field of healing because of her own illnesses. However, at first she looked for help in the orthodox medicine. Several times she was told by the doctors, that she would have to be on medication during her entire life as there would be only palliation and no healing.

When she became seriously ill as a young woman and was not predicted a long or even healthy life, she stopped every treatment which had not had any effect on her anyway, but had had only strong side effects. Afterwards, like a picture of misery she went to a healer in Italy for at that time she could not find any in Germany.

This was an unusual move as you normally do not go to a healer in the Western world. Here the opinion is prevalent – even if it is more moderate today – that only the white man's medicine, with his white trousers, is effective, everything else is hocus-pocus. However, only hocus-pocus has an effect on her, everything else does not agree with her. And, this taught her to not simply accept other people's truths such as “to be incurably ill”. Instead, she allowed her soul to find its own truth and recovered.  

Afterwards a new world began to open up for Claudia Leandra while she attended trainings in spiritual healing and her eyes became bigger and bigger. Her own intellect, which questioned nearly everything at first, was not a great help. On the other hand she needed a lot of courage and strength to let the entire bunch of other people's prejudices be, it is how people are, after all.

When she began to work with people as a healer, this turned out to be very hard. She stayed true to herself in spite of the strong headwind. Claudia Leandra cannot think of a work more wonderful than accompanying open-minded human beings on their path to becoming whole.
Impressions from Abroad

After Claudia Leandra had left her office life – her old life, as she puts it – she made a dream of her childhood come true and had a two year assignment at an NGO. Prior to this she took her backpack and began a sabbatical year with a social quality traveling Asia. Doing this she gained manifold experiences and was seemingly always in the right spot at the right time. She was able to support people and save her own life at a natural disaster, but she also laughed a lot, which she likes to do.

She loves naturalness as well as being in nature and she is fascinated with the diversity of foreign countries, people and their cultures, and their being different. If all the human beings were alike, she would see this as monotonous uniformity and as so very much boring.

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