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Finding a decision

The events have a high spiritual quality so that the conventional strategies to find a decision will not work here, as they are only based on rational thinking. Hence the recommendation: Trust in your heart, it knows your way! Claudia Leandra says explicitly: There are many paths to get to yourself, and this is one of them, so that everything which is to come together will come together. And this is a very personal decision, which everybody should make freely with oneself.

As a healer, she works on the soul of the people. It is whether or not someone has a disease or just want to recharge the batteries and therefore comes to a group healing event. Please do only come, when your body allows it and when it is strong enough.

On the day of the event

Plan enough time for the trip and arrive early, so that you can calmly choose a seat. There are no best seats, for each seat is the best one, because the energy always finds its way. YOU are important in this event and if there are human beings who cannot accompany you because of an illness or because they live too far away etc, think of them for a moment or carry their picture in your pocket, so that the energy will find its way there, if the soul allows it. The person himself sould also tune in mentally.

Pay attention to your nutrition and reduce if possible animal-derived products and alcohol etc. (please see Nutrition) as they can limit or distort your perceptual capacity.

Trust, come without expectations and look forward to what is going to take place. When you work with spirits, the best possible thing that your soul allows will happen. Your expectations, your doubts, your prejudices etc. come from your ego and do not help at all to find your own path and to go it with fulfillment.

During the event

Allow yourself to feel (please see Feelings), to let go and to get into it and to be in the here and now. Appreciate and approve of yourself, for you are the best, you can ever have, for the spirits. Try to discard your willingness to suffer – which is something many people unfortunately still have – and rather choose the liberated path into love and light by getting yourself into the spirits and their unconditional love.

When there are issues in your mind that want to distract you, appoint a time for them and say for example "that you will take care of the matter with your neighbor, the insurance and so on at 7 p.m." (a point in time after the event), thus your mind is free and the issue does not have to nudge any more as it has not been forgotten. You can also imagine the matter swimming downstream on a river.

The most important thing is: Open your heart – imagining a flower or a house with many windows opening themselves. Your intention is important and it does not matter whether you actually feel something intensively, for every human being has perceptual capacity of his own (please see Channeling). Allow the feeling of love within you and let love get into you from outside, you only have to grant your permission inwardly and everything else will follow as by itself – trust! Be present with your heart, not (only) with your mind!

After the event

Allow changes to take place for you, see them positively, be good to yourself and allow yourself extra time as you need it. Changes only happen step by step – even though these are big ones, if we are able to allow it. In order for the inner liberation, which many people talk about in their work with the spirits, to also happen within you.

If possible, do not rush home immediately, but plan a relaxed trip. Feel again and again into the moments, which had been especially precious for you and grant them a place in your heart. Sometimes the energy will flower out entirely and subtly when the event has long been over. Everything takes place in a way and in a pace that your soul allows.
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