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Claudia Leandra König
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World of Spirits

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Everything that is energetic and a being belongs to the spirits.

The spirits that work through Claudia Leandra bring clear messages full of significance and love as well as healing and highly vibrating energies to the human beings and to Mother Earth.

Along with all light kingdoms from the worlds of angels and the stars also ascended masters and an infinitely amount of others from various levels and all the universes belong to the spirits, the Source, the spiritual world or also called the divine family. We, the human beings, are also part of it, for our soul's home is the source. So their number is infinite.

When we take one step, the spirits take a thousand steps for us as an expression for their support being infinite. They are always with us and at no stage have we ever been alone, for the separation is only in our heads and it is thus an illusion. In reality we are all one family, we are all one.

The spirits' love for us cannot be expressed in any language, for it is so unique, so unconditional, so immeasurable, so overwhelming, that we can only guess its greatness, as we human beings think in limitations seemingly in an automatic way. The spirits, however, do not have any limitations. All the existing limitations were created by human beings and only they are able to eliminate them. Therefore we should cease thinking in limitations and no longer limit ourselves. We are part of the greater whole.
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