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Claudia Leandra König
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Karma means, that an effect to a cause follows

... and that corresponds to the law of nature, that is everything is coming back to us which we have caused and sent out. We talk about good karma, when we have done good things and about bad karma when we have done bad things.

The teachings of karma are connected with the existence of the soul and with reincarnation (rebirth). Each soul of divine origin, that means the divinity is already within us, for the most part without us being aware of it, because we have covered it with earthly issues. Together with body and spirit there are the marvel human being. A soul is immortal and incarnates on the Earth until all its tasks have been fulfilled and divinity has discovered in oneself.

We usually had to clear those things, that we drastically did wrong, for the most part in one or several of the following lives because of the low vibration of the Earth. Smaller mistakes return much more quickly and for the most part in the same life, anyway. That means that a great part of the bad karma that we have gathered has already dissipated. Today the situation is the following: If we do something wrong in this life (not matter if it is something big or small), we will have to clear it in this very life, as the rate of fulfilling karma has become smaller because of the rise in vibration. This can also be seen in the eventful world affairs.

So those actions that are happening on the Earth are to balance all actions (including those from our present life) from all our former lives that are not yet cleared, whilst in the time frame of ascension the karma will be dissolved with some human beings having their karma cleared beforehand.

The dissolving of our karma will be a liberation from our remote-controlled behavior because of our old wrong doings. Therefore it is necessary to become aware of it and to live a self-controlled life already now and to bring truth into it together with freedom and love with everything we do. With the ascension then ends the system of reincarnation.
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