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Claudia Leandra König
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Awakening means to recognize the one's own divinity.

A great shifting is under way: There are fundamental components which have so far been important for us and which are now falling apart, longstanding structures are being unmasked and slowly disintegrating because there is no truth, no justice and even less love in them. And we are in the midst, the human beings, who are getting more conscious and are changing, too. This is all justified and we are developing an understanding for it by considering the big picture:

Once there was an all-oneness in the universe's expanse and infinity. But there was the "big bang" and suddenly everything was changed: Separation developed as an illusion and we thought that we were separate from God, from the Source and descended into duality on earth. This experiment by which we wanted to learn how it feels to be separate from all-that-is is now heading for the end. Now is the time of awareness, the time to learn, who we really are. It is the time to become aware of the fact that we are much more than only our body, that we are all one and that we are all connected with each other.

For Mother Earth, who herself is an animated being, has decided to return into the divine unity – this takes place energetically and not on the material level. Because of this Mother Earth has been cleansing herself for some decades now in order to get aligned to the divine thoughtfield with a steadily increasing vibration. She is supported by an infinite number of beings from the spiritual worlds as well as by human beings.

The goal, that is the level of the increase in vibration, which is also called peak of the ascension, will "soon" be reached. Mother Earth is already prepared, but it depends on the awareness of the people and that is the reason, that nobody can say exactly when it will happen. Afterwards there will be a time of adaptation for many years. Then we will create new systems based on unconditional love with the values truth, justice and freedom. This is going to be gorgeous: Peace, joy, prosperity and a lot more for all people.

During this all-encompassing upheaval it is important for us, the human beings, to become aware of who we actually are and what we trigger with our actions or non-actions. It is also important to develop your own heart qualities (=to increase your own vibration).

I wrote a lot about the ascension under the impulses, for example. No. 1, 24, 45.
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