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Claudia Leandra König
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Channeling means to act as a channel for the spirits in order to bring messages and energy through the medium to the audience.

That means that a medium is a messenger and energy transmitter for the spirits and neither message nor energy originate from the medium itself, but merely via him. For the most part messages and energies are channeled, but there are also other areas to be channeled like for example colors, pictures, symbols, sounds, music, dances etc.

A medium receives messages with all his senses, that means that he can hear, see, feel or simply know something (because of the connection with the Source) and put it into words, so that the audience will understand it. All of Claudia Leandra's senses to the spirits are well developed, but her greatest quality is feeling so that her own diction can flow in with the channelings.

The mediums can channel in any position, however, the most pragmatical way of doing it is at group channelings, when the medium and the audience are sitting on a chair, eyes closed and looking forward to what is coming through the medium. Moreover these group channelings are something special because of the group energy that is developing in such a situation. Channelings also work when they are read or when you listen to a CD that contains a channeling, that is without the medium's presence, for the energy comes from the spirits, anyway, and therefore the way of presenting the channeling does not matter. The listener's intention is decisive.

The channeling's effects go as far as the receiver's soul, the listener's soul allows. Thus the wishes of the ego or the intellect or even of the medium are negligible, for the decision of how and when something works is only made by the receiver's soul and this is to be accepted non-judgmentally.

By the closeness to everything each spiritual being has an individual energy of its own additionally to the energy from the Source. These energies are also transferred with the channeling of messages through the medium. They constitute the biggest part of the channeling's volume and it does not matter whether we perceive this with our intellect or not. For the soul is much bigger than the intellect can ever be and can therefore absorb and understand much more than what purely rational thinking can accomplish.

Therefore words can never express everything that is to be transmitted. They are rather used as a vehicle to show us the way. They somewhat leave an energy imprint in our heart. This is similar to the communication among human beings: Not only is the spoken word important, but also and much more so is the way how it was spoken (for example lovingly and friendly) and with which body language (for example loving gesture and affection).

For the most part you do not feel the same in a channeling, even if the same being is channeled, for each channeling is unique, such as every human being is unique. We are not always in the same mood or our personal situation has changed a.s.o. It is also possible that we feel only a little or even nothing. This depends on our perceptual capacity or on the fact whether we allow us to feel or not. Moreover if you have a problem with spirituality, this can be an obstacle to feel or hamper nutrition, and there are many more reasons. We often perceive only what we want to perceive. Some people feel something, others, however, receive visual stimulation in form of light and color and yet others simply know, that something particular is happening to them without feeling something intensive or everything altogether.

If you feel at home in the energy of a spiritual being, that is if you have often heard this being's channelings, you may not feel as much as in the beginning, when you heard his first channeling. This is due to the fact that you have deeply merged with the energy and not that the energy is decreasing. It indicates that your own energy is already very high and your awareness very advanced. In this case you can consider yourself fortunate and you can focus more on the messages.

This is like having or not having a winter coat in the cold winter: If we don't have it, we will have a feeling of lack and we will be freezing. But if have one and are wearing it, we will not notice after a short time, that we are no longer freezing and that the coat is keeping us warm without us thinking of it consciously.

Channeling taps into the most gigantic library as well as the biggest and purest storage of energy that we can think of.

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