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What does healing mean from the spiritual point of view?

Healing is a holistic process considering body, mind and soul including the sick person's personal responsibility. Healing means, too, to listen to one's soul, for the soul has truth within, that means the farther we are away from our soul's path, the greater is the possibility to become ill. And there are as many paths to healing as there are human beings and whether healing is taking place or not, always depends on the sick person's soul. And: Disease is always a hint of a change of direction, we should make.

Initial situation

For the most part we have all been given a healthy body and in the course of our lives things happen, which make us ill. At the same time we do not appreciate it very much exposing it voluntarily or forcedly to danger (for example environmental pollutants, toxic substances, radiation), eat sickening food, “make” it more beautiful, mutilate it or whatsoever.

Nature's marvel human being does have something very special, which we call self-healing powers
and we are often not aware of them. When we cut our finger with a knife for example, for the most part we only put a band-aid on it, so that no dirt is getting into the wound and it is healing by itself.

Furthermore we do not pay enough attention to our thoughts, for when we let ourselves be scared all the time, only think of bad things, have self-doubts and so on, love cannot develop within us. However, we need to love ourselves to heal and we are not to let it depend on anything. No matter what the illness does to our body or if we still have all our body parts and so on, it is only important to know: Each soul is lovable without exception!

And, if the power of thoughts were not important, no healing would take place because of placebos (remedy without active component) or as a result of a wrong therapy, that means if healing took place then, it was because of our confidence. Therefore we should or rather have to make use of the power of our thoughts and think positively and welcome life and not think ourselves ill, otherwise we will attract it!

Impediments on the Path of Healing

Beliefs: Beliefs are sentences which we are convinced of, that means we believe them, however, they do not have anything to do with reality. If we believe, that only a top physician can help us with the latest machine, which is outrageously expensive, far away or it has to be a foreigner, then the local practitioner cannot really help us, because our mind or rather our free will has closed the doors. If the soul allowed healing, the head now impedes.

Advantages from the illness: If we have an advantage from the illness, for example because we then have a lot of visitors and get a lot of presents from friends, who would otherwise not come to us, or because we cannot do certain activities any more, which we have not liked anyway, then the advantage is the impediment for healing.  

Old karma: If our soul still has something to clear (please see Karma), for example because human beings had to suffer because of our actions, healing is often not or not immediately possible, however the dimension of the illness can be possibly softened by decreasing the pains or enhance the sleep or whatever.

Behavior: If we have never learned to set boundaries or to say no, then for example a problem with our stomach cannot be healed permanently, if we do not change our behavior. We have to go to our therapist until we changed the cause (our behavior).

Spiritual Healing

A spiritual healer does not heal sick persons. A spiritual healer activates the sick person's self-healing powers and the sick person heals itself then. The spiritual healer accomplishes it with his sophisticated work by channeling from energy or by itself and giving it then to the sick person. It does not matter what the spiritual healer exactly does and which method he uses, for all the methods have the same goal. Some spiritual healers need various articles, a big group, special clothing, a long ritual and other spiritual healers do not need any of these: They are simply sitting on a chair (or whatever) and everything takes place without anything being seen externally, so that everything which based on love is right. There are also distant healing, that means between spiritual healer and sick person is a distance, which works too.

You cannot learn spiritual healing from a book, you can only experience it!
Furthermore spiritual healers work together with the spirits and for them everything is possible. However, it is always crucial what the soul of the sick person allows, for: Every healing is self-healing and the power of self-healing is in everyone.

Therefore we should develop a confidence in the therapies or actions, which we have chosen – no matter which ones. And we should release the illness and liberate ourselves internally.
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