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Claudia Leandra König
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Feelings are in us and we only have to allow them.

Feelings are a snap-shot, that means they are happening in the here and now and they arise through perception, when we see, hear, smell or taste something. Thus they are a reaction to external and internal impulses. When the impulse is gone, the emotions also disappear. At best they continue to have an effect for some time.

The best part is that we have all the feelings within us, we don't need to work to get them. We only have to allow them and if need be to permit us to feel. Especially love is something that we often do not allow entirely. For if love were in everything that we do, the world would not be as it is.

We cannot lose love, for it is within us. We can only lose things but not ourselves. We only have to allow love and this is what we should do. First of all we should allow the love towards ourselves, then the love towards others and other things will follow automatically, for without self-love true love is not possible. Here we are supported by the spirits: They love each of us so immeasurably we cannot imagine.

And unfortunately we cannot give somebody a feeling, for example “here you have one kilo courage”. Concerning feelings we should stay with us with our focus. For it is one thing what other people think about us, and the other whether we want to accept this. And we should always decide this for ourselves in order to be at peace with us. Besides we should ask ourselves if there is still love in something that hurts.

Emotions on the other hand are accumulated feelings, that is outworn feelings. We cannot simply get rid of them by ceasing to feel, for this is not possible, the accumulated energy behind this is too big. For behind emotions there is a process consisting of feelings from the past and from our judgment. We can only accept these old things and to have our course corrected internally and if need be externally, too. We should transform the old feelings that are connected with this by focusing on the light and not on the shadow – if it is a question of painful emotions.

For somebody who offended us does not hurt when we suffer. But we hurt and therefore we should release the emotions. Releasing does not mean to accept the past action. Release means to be free from the old pain so that we can come into our own liberated power. For some unknown reason we needed this experience. Perhaps because we wanted to remove, perhaps our soul wanted to have this experience, perhaps we wanted to give others the possibility to experience something or whatever. However, now the time of inner liberation has come, therefore we should not adhere to old pains. If, however, it is a question of pleasant emotions, we can bathe in them.

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