Healer - Claudia Leandra König

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Curriculum Vitae


Claudia Leandra König

First Stage of Life

Studies in Munich: Diploma in Business Administration; tax specialist; accounting specialist; Activity in tax consultant offices and auditing firms in Munich

Second Stage of Life

Sabbatical of a Social Nature in Southeast Asia

Third Stage of Life

2-year assignment at an NGO/Relief Organization

Fourth Stage of Life

Coach for Spiritual Healing and Healer in Munich,
Author of several books (in german Language)

Fifth Stage of Life

Coach for Spiritual Healing and Healer in the Bavarian Forest; Engagement in Tanzania, Africa

Worldwide trainings in spiritual and health sector:

Ancient-Master-Healing, Autogenous Training, Bioenergy Therapist and Master of Bioenergy, Childcare Assistant, Crystal Master, Dance, Earthhealer, Element Initiation, Ella Kensington-Method, Fire Runner, Hypnosis, Intuition and Divinipotence, Kryon Channel Trainings, Kundalini-Reiki, Magnified Healing® Master Teacher, Massage, Meditation, Medicine-Buddha-Initiation by Tibetan Lama, NLP-Master: Method of Communication, Nutrition-Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Reiki, Shamanism by Lakota and Nepal Tradition, Sound Massage with Singing Bowls, Tai Chi, Tantra, Theravada Buddhism, The Work, Water Shiatsu, Hatha Yoga, Lu Jong-Tibetan Healing Yoga and various other methods of healing. But her inexhaustible source of knowledge and wisdom is the contact with the spirits and the recollection of her own ancient knowledge.

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