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Dark Beings

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Dark beings or negative energies.

Negative energies exist or rather existed on Mother Earth in various ways. However, their entire potential does no longer exist, as this energy field already melt down because of the rise in vibration (please see Awake). This potential comprised the accumulated negative energies from our emotions, our thoughts and the like (incl. curses and maledictions), from which they were created. That which still exists, was or is created by us anew and does not have power anymore, because its “charging station” is no longer there - therefore we should let go of the issue now in our minds. The dark beings on the other hand have already lost their power and they only need to realize.

Negative energy can no longer work in our light body or occupy it, however, these can possibly draw energy from us or fly around us, which may feel queer to us. It is very important to know, that in the course of the law of resonance only that which we have broadcast can come to us, that means when we broadcast or do bad things, this will come back to us, however, for the most part with a time delay and in another form. Unless it is our job to dissolve these energies, then we will come across them without having broadcast it.

The greatest protection from these energies is love, because it has the highest vibration and cannot be destroyed by anything. Therefore it is so important to allow love within us (please see Feelings). We can also ask for the spirits' help by simply asking for love. Anyway, the increasing vibration of the human being makes it impossible for these energies to affect him, as the lowly vibrating negative energies can only bite on to those human beings with a low vibration. This is roughly the same as if you are looking for the entrance to a house that has no doors and must therefore remain outside. However, we should no longer get involved with those energies or even create them ourselves, we should rather choose the positive path of freedom together with love.

However, there can be misinterpretations as negative energies:
•When two people meet, whose energies are extremely different, because one of them has a very low vibration and the other one's vibration is very high, then the person who is lowly vibrating can have an undefinable feeling. When he cannot allocate this feeling, he may match it by mistake to dark energies. But this is not correct. He could rather consider himself fortunate to be near such a highly vibrating person, for these automatically radiate high and lightful energies. You can compare this to the matter of low self-worth. If somebody has a low self-worth and is always feeling bad and small and is then suddenly confronted with a person, that has a high self-worth, well, this can scare him, because he fears to loose his job or his partner etc. because of this person.
•Deceased, which have not yet gone into the light, can have a strange effect on us, if we do not know for sure, what that is.  
•You can feel the Spirits now easier and that can confuse.

This whole issue will end after the general ascension, because then the love will come to power (please see Awake).
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