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Claudia Leandra König
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There is an infinite number of extraterrestrials and we are ET's, too.

As soon as a soul has been created on the level of creation it virtually decides for itself, where it wants to exist or rather where it wants to incarnate. In a manner of speaking the soul can slip into a new coat from time to time similar to actors changing their roles. When a soul slips into a human body and thus incarnates on earth, we call this being a human being. However, the origin is always extraterrestrial, as a soul is not created on earth but it is part of the galactic family. Besides, each soul carries light and love within itself and all of them have the same value. However, the souls' free will causes them to jump off the track and do strange things.

The countless animate beings, which exist outside the earth, can be very similar to us human beings from the outside but others are bigger or smaller, have different skin colors, different proportions and organs of perception, have male and female sexual characteristics at the same time or a totally different appearance. A lot of them are now somewhere around the earth and they are waiting for us to be open for their appearance, so that they can show themselves and land on earth. They are coming in peace and in love in order to work together with us and to support us.
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