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Jesus Christ

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the Son of God came to Earth in order to bring unconditional love.

Jesus Christ (original: Jeshua) is there for everybody regardless of religious motives, gender, nationality and similar human standards of evaluation, for Jesus Christ does not evaluate. In fact, he loves each of us in a depth that is unique and immeasurable. We can meet him everywhere, we do not need a specific ritual for this and no specific mood and the like: He is there, when we call him.

Jesus Christ accompanies us, when we are well and also, when we are not well – then it is possible that he carries us a bit thus comforting us. However, he only helps us, if we want him to – like all the other spirits – for he respects our free will. Otherwise he would not be allowed to interfere.

He is aligned to unconditional love in the clearest way, which not only gives us strength, confidence, hope and courage, but also compassion, the feeling of security, lightness and the feeling to have arrived, to realize what we really want and to perceive deep attachment. Furthermore the vibration of unconditional love is also the vibration of healing.

Jesus Christ unifies the highest ideals of perfection: Truth and unconditional love. Besides he has another name in the spiritual world: Lord Sananda. He constitutes a couple together with Lady Nada, who had had an incarnation as Mary Magdalene.

Jesus Christ is also unfortunately held responsible for many things, which are not at all his fault. If people have a corrupt heart, they commit evil acts (so it's the human beings who commit them, not Jesus) which will always return to them (please see also Karma). In doing so they do not see the overall picture and quickly blame Jesus Christ for all the negative things.

This is too bad, for Jesus Christ does not punish or hurt anybody. He does not like, either, when people punish themselves in order to please him or for example they let themselves be crucified for ritual purposes. All these are the human beings' games of the ego, in which they hold themselves captive. Jesus Christ has not come to bring suffering or to scare us! In fact, he has come to lead us out of our emotional prison into freedom and peace, Jesus Christ has come to bring us unconditional love!
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