Healer - Claudia Leandra König

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Energetische Notizen helfen zu verstehen:

Why Africa
Afrika Engagement
Trip to Tanzania 2016
Trip to Tanzania 2013/2014


Wake up Tanzanians!
1. Preface
2. What does “Wake up” mean?
3. Rebirth of Mother Earth
4. Consequences for Nature
5. Consequences for Man
6. Consequences for World Affairs
7. The World Events as a Football Match
8. The Meaning of Africa
9. What makes Africa so special?


Energy Report Africa
1. The Opening of the Ark of the Covenant
2. Africa's Energy Fields
3. Africa's Seat
4. What makes Africa so special?


Souls of Children
My Mail to the United Nations


Shadow Energies
1. Black Magic Acts
2. Witch-Hunt


Experiences from my first trip to Tanzania
1. Visitors at Night
2. Souls of Children are visiting
3. Transportation for a Soul from South Africa to Tanzania
4. Crying Wombs


Energy Report Africa
1. Activation of the Pyramids
2. Activation of the Energy Field of Redemption
3. Connection of the Places of Power
4. Spreading the Original Tradition


Energy Report Sub-Saharan Africa  
1. Why does all this happen?
2. What has happened in the past two months regarding energies?


Africa, the Star in the Starry Heavens
1. The Significance of Egypt
2. Africa and its Significance for the entire Planet

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