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Energies flowing in and what they can trigger within you

From the moment in which you decided to go to an event you are prepared by the spirits. Some human beings do not notice anything consciously at all, others on the other hand have the feeling to perceive lightness or something similar. This is happening because energy is directed to flow into you. During the event energy is flowing massively onto the participants, even if there is not constantly a channeling spoken, for a great quantity of spirits will be present even though only one of them is transmitting a message verbally through the medium. However, the highest energies are being transmitted during a channeling (please see Channeling). Energies that are absorbed, are automatically radiated to others by the participant. This is like being in a good mood: If somebody is in a good mood, this has a catching effect on others.

Which effects can be perceived

Energies that are flowing into our bodies can trigger wonderful feelings within us, which we can barely put into words, as everybody has a different sensitive faculty. So all that happens is the best possible thing for us, that our soul allows to happen, this is what we should always be confident about. These are healthful energies that push us forward, that strengthen us and much more. And we are always collected where we are as far as our development is concerned and are assisted in the best possible way. However, the effects can be so manifold and extensive that it is impossible to capture them in a short essay. So all that you can say is: A great deal is possible – first and foremost the matchless feeling of coming home.

Note on healing and treatment areas
Claudia Leandra is a healer. Healers have no rights in Germany. You will not find any list of diseases, etc., that she has worked on. In addition, the law on drug advertising (in german: Heilmittelwerbegesetz HWG) applies, which prohibits everything that is a promise of healing or can be seen as such. You will not find corresponding expressions. Rather, she expressly says, "You are welcome, whatever the reason is." Please read the legal information.

Possible disagreeable reactions and what you can do about it
(The symptoms are listed according to the highest principle of precaution and for the most part the malaise disappears as quickly as it has come.)

It is possible that there are moments (during the event or afterwards) which make us feel unwell, this is especially irritating for those human beings who normally have little feelings and then suddenly have a lot of them at an event. This is because a tremendous amount of energy is flowing in and tidying up within us or simply stays there. This is comparable to tidying up a room: When we live in a room for weeks without leaving it, possibly all the garbage will gather in front of the door. In order for us to be able to leave the room all the garbage has to be removed and this is exhausting. But afterwards we have a free room. Possible reactions are:

•Great thirst (then the best thing is to drink still water, not sparkling)
•Increased appetite (the best thing is not to come with an empty stomach)
•Having “pins and needles” on your body (calm down, this is only “cleansing work”)
•Emotion are cried “off” and tears are running down your cheeks (please see Feelings)
•Heart-throb (place your hands for example on your stomach and slowly breathe away this feeling)
•Feeling of dizziness (imagine yourself being deeply connected to Mother Earth, breathe consciously and calmly)
•Tiredness (drink a lot and go to bed earlier than usual)
•Further physical reactions

Claudia Leandra puts it this way: We are given an abundance of presents by the spirits and are then happily exhausted. Furthermore the human beings often underestimate the spirits' power. For energetic work is nothing else than hard work because all the cells in the human organism are running at full speed by massively being flooded with light. This can be exhausting in the beginning – but it does not have to be.
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