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Food ensures humanity's survival and is one of the main reasons for our well-being and our health.

The changes that are coming as a consequence of the ascension also effect the human body and its nutrition: The higher Mother Earth is vibrating, the higher the human being has to vibrate, too.

When our body has a higher vibration, we inevitably need food, that has a higher vibration, too. Food with a lower vibration is everything that is animal-derived, for example meat, fish, sausages, eggs and all dairy products. Our body will not be able to tolerate this kind of food like it has done so far and it will react with various disorders. Or we develop compassion for animals and our sense of taste changes. Energetically this food affects us in a way that it seems to be holding us so that we are not getting into the flow. And furthermore they act as energy thieves:

These are drugs, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine (is not only in coffee) and sugar. When we permanently consume this products, this causes our aura, the energetic protective coat surrounding us, to shrink. It can also be damaged by ripping holes into it. As a consequence we loose energy and foreign energies can intrude, for example other people's bad mood.

Additionally the energy center of the heart is closing, and consequently we feel less and appear to be callous. People with a small aura often bump into something or are jostled by other people as there is no more cushion in between. The worst thing, however, is the channel severely narrowing upwards, we are thus cut off from the source and our light body is contracting.

Furthermore these products have strongly negative effects on our health, that means we all could be much healthier, if we did not consume these products so massively. And it is a left-handed compliment for our global community that in this time of abundance people starve because they do not get enough to eat and at the same time our meat production with its huge expenditure of water and animal's food is more than wastage.

Here it is worth thinking about the correlation between the spiritual openness of the various countries: The people from the industrial countries are overwhelmed with these products from an early age and thus cut themselves off their spiritual abilities. However, the people from non-industrial countries do not consume these products so much and thus have energetically finer and more sensitive bodies and are therefore more open and open-minded, as they can perceive a lot more not being cut off.

The children of the New Age already have a higher vibration from birth and can therefore have indispositions from early childhood unless the consumption is not reduced or entirely ceased. Here you can find a handout on vegan nutrition (PDF only in German).

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