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Spirituality means the existence of anything spiritual

and according to the culture you belong to this may mean something different. Therefore it is a wide field. Those who disapprove of spirituality in any form, have a rough ride for without spirituality many questions remain unanswered and with it you get a lot of answers.

Nevertheless an existence without spirituality is not possible for we cannot be “not spiritual” as well as we cannot “not communicate”. Communication takes place on different levels: That which we utter in a specific way in which body language. And it is spirituality when we mentally ask for something, when we pray or believe in a life after death. Moreover it has many faces and the more deeply you dive into a matter the more questions arise for people, who primarily think rationally, and the greater is the denial. Therefore it may be helpful to look more deeply in order to see what is really happening – hence one approach:

We perceive an event with our senses, e.g. we see, hear, taste or feel something. That which we have perceived is then compared to what we already have in our inner drawers and afterwards evaluated. These inner drawers are created by our expertise, our experiences, but also by our doctrines, assumptions and fears. If an event cannot be allocated, it is non-existent for us, unless we extend our awareness and accept it, so this is only about accepting.

When we have not grown up with something, it may be difficult for us to accept it as true. If a person lives in harmony with nature far from any “civilization” and he is handed a tablet PC, he will most likely say: This is queer stuff, because there are colored pictures moving on it and making funny noises. It is however quite normal for people who have grown up with it. So, who presumes to decide what is “normal”?

The rationalist tries to explain spirituality with the help of western logic models and this is not possible. You cannot explain the logic of one color range with the logic of another color range, this does not work. An example: Everything is logic (but not fair) in German fiscal law and also in traffic law: It is not possible for everyone to drive into the crossroads and traverse it at the same time, this is only possible for one after the other. If you now take a printout of the German fiscal law to a crossroads with a traffic light: On which side of the fiscal law do you find the information of who is allowed to drive first and who is not?

That which always works accurately are the laws of nature, that means that in spirituality, too, everything is utterly logic, only in a different way.

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