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Claudia Leandra König
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Impulse 35: Healing Sexuality

The best thing is to forget everything we have ever heard about sexuality so far. It brought about the actual situation: a sexual existence full of suffering and disorder.
1. The Dimension of the Drama
During the past 50 years the highest number of people have not been killed in wars but in the area of sexuality. Therefore it is wise to take a closer look here and to lift bans on speaking. These bans have only made this drama possible.

2. Obstacle to Naturalness
The biggest obstacle is our head. Therefore first of all our way of thinking has to be changed. Our head hosts our intellect which consists of instilled behaviour patterns, dogmas, manipulations and a merry-go-round of assessment.

3. What happens when you destroy the Power of Sexuality?
Our power of sexuality is our power of life and located in the pelvis. When we destroy something down there the energy of life cannot rise up into the rest of the body and spread there as easily as before. As a consequence we lack energy and therefore strength.

4. Create Suffering

Our sexuality normally has little to do with passion, instead suffering is created. Pains that were caused to us through sexuality are very hard to heal in comparison to other illnesses. Suffering helps to keep the human beings down and prevents them from getting into their power.

5. Female Genital Mutilation and Tradition
Traditions that cause pain have not developed naturally. These traditions were introduced  in order to create suffering and above all to reduce the population. The money that is earned in this way does not make happy as negative energy is stuck to it.

6. Aids
Aids is a mingle-mangle of illnesses that attack the immune system. Most of it have nothing to do with sexuality. Therefore a good immune system and thus strong defence mechanisms of the body are very important. Strong defence mechanisms require above all a healthy nutrition, clean water, toilet facilities and protection against infection. A whole lot of money is spent battling Aids, however, it does not seem to be sufficient to reach this basis. This is very sad.

7. Suppressed Sexuality
Those who want to live sexuality but are not allowed to and do not know a technique to divert energy, will learn that their bodies will look for an outlet.

8. Beneficial Sexuality
Sexuality only has beneficial, balancing and relaxing effects, when we live it in a way that does not harm us. If it hurts, it is not beneficial. If we have not learnt to say what we want or to say no, we should learn it. It is necessary to treat each other with respect.

9. Touching your own Essence

Acting sexually in a loving way helps to feel your own essence, as divine energies are released then. Doing this the couple should look into each other's eyes, for there, too, the energy centres are being connected. A sexual act should only be carried out in love, for otherwise we would create negative energies. Negative energies always harm each one involved. Furthermore, the heart centre is only opened when there is trust between the partners. However, what we do shows a great urge to destroy ourselves – which leaves open a lot of questions.

10. Sexuality and Religion

If it is your approach to leave this matter to a certain religion, then ask the founders – they are only a heartbeat away from us. Jesus lived physical love and had children.

11. Rules
There have always been homosexuals and transgenders on earth. Their critics were homosexual themselves in a former life and suffered from it, because they were punished for it. When the experience has not yet healed inwardly, they want to take revenge on this group in this life. In a manner of speaking they fight against themselves. Sometimes, however, the critics have been stirred up by another group. What crime have they committed, though? They love. It's what we should all do: love.

Healing sexuality requires responsibility for your own body.

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