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Claudia Leandra König
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Impulse 6: Chance for Health

We simply have to clear out everything that sickens us, then our health would not be a problem any more. Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, it is not that easy, for in order to do so we have to know exactly what is detrimental for us. Doing this we often bet on the wrong horse and we realize it when we – living health-conscious – all of a sudden get seriously ill and we then wonder: „What have I done wrong? “ I picked a few aspects from the great bucket, which are healthy for us or at least not detrimental according to the „official“ reports, and viewed them from another perspective. And as we are in the time of the ascension and our body is getting more and more sensitive, we should pay close attention to who beguiles us with what, for at the end of the day every human being has to face his music on his own responsibility, which might be quite painful in case of an illness.
1. Point of Departure
For the most part all of us have been given a healthy body. In the course of our life we are presented with numerous impacts which sicken us. It is not always our exigency that is being taken advantage of by others, though, but it is rather our ignorance of the consequences of a consumption. We do something because we do not know better or rather because we trust in the duty of care of the politicians towards the citizens and doing this we walk right into the trap of the dark beings. Without hesitation they viewed the Earth as their personal property, designed a plan of reducing the population and repurposed our organisations, governments, banks, enterprises and so on. However, this plan will not achieve its ends, because the Earth is ascending. Nevertheless, the quirks have been integrated into our daily lives, so that it has become necessary to clear out.

2. Sanitation versus Health    
  • We are quite aware of the fact that sanitary and cosmetical articles contain alcohol and mineral oil and also, that this is not quite well tolerated by our bodies. However, there are other substances, which do not really lead a good partnership with the human body, for example aluminium is a metal, which is found in most antiperspirants (often as aluminium salt) as it closes the pores, so that no smell will get outside. However, everything in our bodies has to flow, especially in the armpits as there are lymphatics, which run along outside the chest. Especially here breast cancer is often diagnosed.
  • Fluoride is a toxic element and most tooth pastes contain it, although it can destroy a lot and not only in our mouths. In some countries it is even added to the drinking water like for example in Australia, England, USA and it is also added to some food salt. A simple method to detoxicate the area of your mouth and to decrease the susceptibility to infection is to take a spoon full of cooking oil after getting up in the morning and to squeeze it to and fro between your teeth and your tooth spaces, to then spit it out and rinse your mouth with water, as many germs in this place are liposoluble and not water-soluble.
  • Nearly all of the ingredients of our chemical cleansing agents and detergents are no treat, just only by breathing in the vapours.

3. Food versus Health
We eat ourselves into the most dangerous illnesses with great passion. It would, however, be best to grow our food in our own garden without chemical additives and prepare it as naturally as possible. Furthermore, we eat ourselves hungry with the prefabricated food from the supermarket because for the most part these do not contain many mineral nutrients and vitamins besides calories and thus we eat more than necessary without really having had enough. Furthermore, some medicines disable the feeling of being full.

  • Most human beings, however, do not have the possibility of growing food by themselves, therefore it is necessary to reduce the consumption of these products: fast food, processed food (convenience foods), functional food products, sweets, dietary supplements, soft drinks, animal products, genetically modified products, diet food, food prepared in the microwave, foods with hydrogenated fats, aspartame, glucose fructose syrup, yeast extract, citric acid etc. Carbon dioxide has acidic effects on the body whereas it should be alkaline.
  • It is worth considering to exchange: industrial kitchen salt for natural salt (for example for sea salt), for normal kitchen salt has for the most part only two more ingredients, which the body cannot process very well. Use spices without glutamate, use a good oil for cooking and do not buy food packed in plastic. Use the power of moringa and stop sugar or replace it with stevia.
  • Our perception of taste (whether we like something or not) is practiced, we were not born with it and we can therefore “depractise” it again. Suggestions which can help you to change your behaviour: Determine one day per week on which you voluntarily do without the things mentioned above. Visualize extensively that you engorged yourself on the foods, which you want to consume less or visualize yourself shoving the foods in an unusual combination in great quantities into yourself like for example sweets with hot mustard and pepper. But: There is no way without will and those who like to suffer should reconsider their willingness to suffer.

4. Progress versus Health
We are so proud of our technical achievements, which really make us radiate, so that nobody wants to tell us about the dangers of the more and more used frequencies and the high density as it is in the cities of the industrial countries.

5. Health Industry versus Health
  • Innovation is good – they say. However, does it – of all things - have to be the invention of illnesses with their long and expensive methods of treatments?
  • The whole story of vaccination is not lightly digested, because they tell us continuously, that it is necessary and good. Here the pure vaccine is not the great problem. The dangerous thing is the cocktail, which is added to it.
  • Chemotherapy proves how amazing our body is, for not everybody dies from it. The poison of the chemotherapy would sicken healthy people. How could it heal sick people? If healing takes place, this is because of our ability to activate our self-healing powers. Poison or rather antivenom may save our lives when we have been bitten by poisonous animals, however, we should not put it onto our bread.
  • It is true, that our self-healing powers are immensely increased because of the ascension process and more and more miracle healings are possible, as each healing is in fact a self-healing and we discover our own power and accept if need be, when our time to go has come. But we also have to put an end to our morbid behaviour. We are able to produce complex and highly efficient biological and electromagnetic weapons, to drastically manipulate the weather, and to even fly into outer space. But our scientists have not one single remedy which heals the illnesses, which are getting more and more severe, completely, quickly, cheaply and permanently. It is almost as if us human beings are the most stupid beings in the entire universe. Who is going to believe that? Somebody is acting as a brake, so that we have to look for other ways. It will be too late to change our thinking when all our loved ones have died unnaturally and we ourselves are severely ill.

6. The Trail of Tears
There is no such thing as poor people or countries. There is only a world community which has made them such or which has not prevented it. Each one of us always bears responsibility, you cannot break away from it, and we are always an example for someone – if not a good one then a bad one. And: we are always connected with each other as separation is only an illusion.

We know that monocropping and massive use of chemical substances in agriculture destroys the soil, pollutes food and ground water and above all causes harm to those who are employed there. We also know that gigantism in agriculture destroys peasants and that as a consequence the soil becomes deserted which causes impoverishment and brings forward slums. And we know that countries that are compelled to do free trade or some trade like that may be squashed by the circle of subjection, who, however, should protect themselves and their markets in a better way.

And nevertheless we as an international community impose the very thing on non-industrial countries and hence give them toxic bluff packages. Thus being made dependant these countries can be strangled with expensive or extremely cheap imports and then we can directly access their natural resources. At the same time the last working infrastructure will be destroyed and access to clean water and toilet facilities, which means a chance for health, will become impossible. A lot of imagination is needed to call that altruism. The way out of this dilemma is: Wide disclosure and transparency and –of course– the guts to make a great change.

There is no getting around of taking over self-responsibility and of thinking independently.
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