Impulse 43: Secrets of Healing - Healer - Claudia Leandra König

Claudia Leandra König
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Impulse 43: Secrets of Healing

Most of the requests to the spirits are requests for healing. But unfortunately it does not work without you. You are the central figure for every healing is a self healing. I have some statements and questions for you, which you should consider when you are sick. Please read also Healing and Impulse 6: Chance for Health.
1. Sicknesses as messages of soul. Your soul wants you to be fine. Therefore it gives you signals when you do things that are not good for you. These signals are sicknesses. Sicknesses are messages of the soul, that you are on the wrong path.

2. Cancer as a messenger. There are cancer cells in every human being. They appear when we have to make a change in direction. In doing so we have to be honest with ourselves, for only we know what that means. A change in direction can be a change in behaviour or a ton of other things.

3. There are many things that could heal. Do you allow your soul to find its own path or do you always believe what others tell you about your sickness? Please read also Impulse 13: The Brain's Mode of Operation No. 4.

4. Did you gain new knowledge from your sickness? Is the cause of your sickness clear to you? Are you prepared to change? If you are not, you have not suffered enough yet and I know exactly what that means.

5. Do you feel precious enough? You are what you think. If you think that you do not deserve to become healthy, healing will be difficult, because you block yourself. And, there are also conditions standing in the way that you think you have to fulfill before getting healthy.

6. Are you ready to let go of old things? Old things mean anything that causes you pain when you think of it. No human being or thing should be worthy of ruining your health.

7. Are you ready to be healed? Hardly anyone asks himself this question. Instead, they go where their culture tells them to go: either to a doctor or to a healer. There they hand over their responsibility and hope that something will happen. However, it is you who has to make healing possible by trusting and surrendering yourself.

8. Do you trust in yourself? It won't work without trust. First of all you must trust in yourself and your power of self healing. This is easier when you have realized that your soul is your divine light.

9. Fear makes you sick. This is self-evident.

10. Healing the soul is simple. Our mind has made it highly complicated. We automatically expect it to take long etc. and hence we create our reality.
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