Healer - Claudia Leandra König

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Claudia Leandra König
* * *  Healer  * * *  

She has groundbreaking impulses for you:

For your heart

Listen to your heart, it knows the way.

For your soul

Let go into what you already are: A perfect and divine nature.

For your feelings

Let the feeling of love flow in you and everything will change.

For your head

Think you free and live, love, laugh. You can always change your
life by thinking differently.

Claudia Leandra sees herself as a bridge-builder between the old and the new world that is just emerging. As a trainer for spiritual healing and the like, she delights participants with her competence as well as with her dry humor. Sharing her knowledge, skills and experience is very important to her.

She simply describes herself as a healer, because the health sector is her home, energy medicine makes her eyes shine and working with people inspires her. In addition, she says: I am what I am and we should forget the titles. After more than 17 years with this intensive activity, she is one of the pioneers in Germany and with the publication of Handbuch der Geistheiler (only in german language) she wrote a standard book that supports healers in Germany with their independence.

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